Coaching & Intervention Services

Our job is to be there for you and your family.  We are here to help guide YOU through the most difficult thing you and your family will ever experience.  We understand your guilt, grief, confusion, and frustrations.  If we had only known the do’s and the don’ts we might have had more a chance to save our own son.

Drug intervention and working to save your child is your priority.  What we offer is the experience of holding together the other relationships in your home:  your marriage, your other children, your friends, and your career.  We have been in your shoes – we have suffered through the same journey and we had no one to guide us that truly understood – that is what we offer you.

Your world just came crashing in . . . you found out your child is an addict.  Now what?  We can help with the “now what”?  We offer solutions to your immediate concerns.  We do not pass judgement and we truly understand.  October 28, 2015 we were in your shoes.  We know.  We can help.

We are available for you and your family.  We focus on everyone involved.  Often times everything is all about the addict and siblings and parents are left suffering on their own – not wanted to be a burden to the already unbearable situation.  We learned through personal experience how to navigate this delicate balance.  Our experience can truly contribute to holding together your marriage and family.


After your initial contact with us we drop everything to get to you as soon as we can.  Our goal is to be on your couch speaking with you, your spouse, and your other children within 24 hours – the initial few days are the most important to reach out and get support!  That does not mean if it has already been days or months we cannot help you . . .  but don’t wait.  We waited and it is one of our biggest regrets.  Let us help you now.

Basic fee schedule for families:

Initial retainer is $2,500 plus travel expenses.  This includes the immediate contact with your family via phone calls, emails, Skype and our first personal meeting.  After the initial meetings we work out a fee and payment schedule that fits for your family and the retainer is applied to this amount.  Generally we charge a per day fee (limiting contact to an hour is great for licensed therapists but this work is too intense to limit by the clock).  We might be up all night talking, crying or just finding some peace because that is what you need . . . and that is ok.  Every family needs something unique and that is what we specialize in.  Some of our most important work as a family happened on our deck at 3am.  We needed to have someone there to help us but we had no one – we want to be that support for you.

Our services vary from family to family.  Bottom line is that we are a wealth of knowledge and support and can tailor our services to your needs 100%.  We will coach you through this process and remain a resource for you for years to come.

We accept credit cards.  Payment plans can be arranged for follow up coaching and assistance after the initial retainer is depleted.


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Your Family's Journey Through Raising a Child Addicted To Drugs